Reclaiming your life after Family Violence - Creating effective strategies for change

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Are you struggling alone to recover from family violence & abuse?

Many women feel like a failure after the breakdown of an abusive marriage even though they are not to blame. They live in a state of shock because they are unsure what actually happened and continually blame themselves.

In this state, many women struggle to make even simple decisions for fear of failure and really find it difficult to live a normal life through a tendency to say yes to everyone in order to gain acceptance. In this way, healthy family, work and social relationships become almost impossible.

On top of these problems financial hardships are never too far away for these women. They may be working and getting a Centrelink supplement, but still struggling to make ends meet because their ex is not reliable with child support.

Break free from the cycle of violence and abuse

We offer constructive and sustainable alternative strategies for psychological, emotional and family recovery.

Family Violence Counselling Australia
1:1 and Group Coaching

Coaching and counseling for female survivors of family violence.

Family Violence Speaker Australia
Public Speaking

Professional Development on family violence for Educators and Health Professionals

Family Violence Consulting Australia

Consultation on family violence for businesses and service organizations.

Meet Dianne Simboro

Master Coach, Trainer, Behavioural Profiler, Hypnotherapist and Public Speaker

For over 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of women to create positive and sustainable change in the aftermath of family violence.

Due to my own lived experience I have intimate knowledge of the resultant trauma of family violence and the way it affects the mindset, identity, self esteem and behaviour of survivors. I developed simple strategies for myself and managed to create positive and sustainable change, then for 10 years I tried and tested those same strategies on hundreds of women with replicable success. 

Why Choose Family Violence Mindset Solutions?

Without intervention the trauma resulting from physical, emotional and psychological abuse can remain for a lifetime.

Authentic Lived Experience

Our strategies were developed by a woman who has been where you are now and knows the road to recovery.

Empathy & Compassion

Our services are directed by women who understand & believe that you are a unique person of immense worth, who deserves to flourish.

Unique Perspectives

Our Founder Dianne had 27 years experience of an abusive marriage that was inter-racial and inter-religious that started out in a small, impoverished country in West Africa.

Practical Strategies

Step by step strategies that really work, forged in the fire of real life and developed from 27 years of lived experience and 10 years of coaching and advocating for other survivors of violence.

Successful Outcomes

Our services create positive and sustainable change. They have been tried and tested by hundreds of women with repeated and sustainable success.

Continued Support

Our help is available for the long haul that is the journey to recovery. We will assist you for as long as you need us and until you feel safe and empowered for a healthy future.


Helpful Downloads

Understanding combined with strategic support are what allow victims of violence and abuse to move out of the destructive cycles to find true healing.

Family Violence Questionnaires and tools
The three generations tool

This is a tool that helps you explore your family history over three generations. Sometimes we’re so close that we can’t see the whole story. This tool is useful because it helps you to stand back and look at the big picture, to identify patterns that exist across all three generations – things that escape detection because they have been normalised.

Family Violence Questionnaires and tools
Are you ready for love?

How will you be able to find and recognise your ideal partner if you don’t know what you’re looking for? After using the three generations tool to identify destructive patterns of behaviour or power imbalances in your family history, this questionnaire guides you through the process of clarifying what you do want in a future partner.

Three Generations Tool

Are You Ready for Love?


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Steps To Get Started

The road to lasting recovery with the help and expertise you’ll  need to walk on it.

Family Violence Counselling Australia
Book An Interview
Let’s get to know one another

It always helps to share your burdens with a compassionate friend who has been on your journey and knows how it feels.

Family Violence Counselling Australia
Book A Strategy Meeting
It’s time to bring some understanding

Expose the perceived benefits of the violent behaviour  perpetrated against you, and offer constructive and sustainable alternative behavioural choices

Family Violence Counselling Australia
Make A Session Time
Strategic steps for recovery

Alter the strategic interventions used with survivors of family violence, so that you and your children do not have to return to an environment of abuse.